This is Test Version 1.0 (Semtember 1st 2016 Windows 7 and 10 64 bit) of Czimps by Alan Hadley compiled for 64 bit Windows, only tested on Intel processors so far. Some subtle bugs fixed that showed up while testing. More examples added. ListFonts function improved and Generate Font Samples example added. Design in VTK render in POV capabilities improved. Flickering Help when scanning over menus fixed. Fixed a bug which caused colouring mistakes when text highlighting in editor. New functions added to parser for accessing Points and Cells output by VTK filters. There are more functions in the VTK and OCV that I may add in due course. Over 780 examples included. Here is a short list of some of the programs capabilities so far.

Building Czimps

Change Image File Format
Onscreen editing of Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Hue, Sharpness etc.
Resize, Chop, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Skew etc.
Add Borders, Frames, Captions, Drawings etc.
Bezier Curves, Non Rectangular Crops, Snap to Grid etc.
Gradients, Hatch Patterns, Draw Equations etc.
Image Layers, Animated Giffs, Compositing etc.
Many types of Filters, Special Effects, Multi Channel processing
Inspect and edit Image Metadata
Webcam Input and Frame by Frame Video I/O
Single and Multichannel Matrices, Tables and 2D Data Maps
Key Point Detection and Descriptor processing
Object Tracking and Recognition
Camera Calibration for extracting 3D information etc.
Live video processing, e.g. edge detection, noise reduction adding captions etc.
Interactive 3D Models and Data Visualization
Compose near realistic 3D Scenes
Micro and Macro Focus Stacking, Astronomical stacking
Align frames in a sequence
Batch Processing
Data Processing Graphs and Charts

Download 170 MB

Download and unzip the above, the executable is Czimps.exe, the unzipped size is over 610 MB. When you start the program the Collections window and context sensative Help appear, to see what it can do try some of the examples. Right click on the Functions line of the Collections Window and choose Load Funlist, then pick a *.cze file. Once loaded the Funlist will appear in the Functions Collection now you should Run it by Right clicking on it and choosing Run.

Depending on your security program you may need to give permission for Czimps.exe and povconsole.exe to run on your system.

There is an example for most of the approximately 780 functions, some just produce an image in the Image window, some show images in small popup windows, many VTK examples show a window that responds to mouse manipulations. Other examples show text results in a dioalog, some show a dialoig with settings and a slider at the bottom if you place the text cursor in a number field and move the slider the displayed result should change. Further results are available in a Table.

Most Image Magick functions are included, a Large number of Open Computer Vision and the Visualization Tool Kit functions are also present. Supporting functions include Math Jax equation rendering, MuParser expression evaluation, Qt Tables and Text editing. External programs used include The Persistance of vision Ray Tracer and ffmpeg and several others. To these I have added many Map processing functions, pixel level painting, a construction device used for snap to grid etc, bezier curve drawing, and many new functions have been added to the parser to enable string manipulation and direct pixel etc. access for most object, there are also functions that can convert data from one format to another. The above packages do not need to be installed seperately, everything is in the downloaded zipped folder.

The program is not as easy to use as some but that is the price you pay for all of the power just under the surface. The idea is you compose a Function List, Funlist for short, from the available functions and then Run it. It is a sort of interpreted image processing language many functions having interactive settings. Once you learn your way around the program you do not need to remember all of the functions and all of the available settings as the functions are sorted into menus and settings are made in dialog boxes.

This is just a test version, though it is quite stable now, as such expect there to be bugs, maybe even crashes. I would be greatful for input from anyone who tries the program, I have tried it on Windows 10 and Windows 7 computers both with Intel processors and would like to know if it works on any other combination.

CombineZP is no longer available at Hadleyweb but you can download the installation file here:-

Download CombineZP.msi 10 MB

Alan Hadley