Czimps allows you to work on Images, Video Clips, Text and Mathematical Problems. It can do all of this because under the bonet it uses several powerful Public Domain libraries (Image Magick, VTK, OpenCV, MuParse, GiNaC, Maxima, POV-Ray, MathJax, GnuPlot, Qt etc.), for more details about these and their individual licences see the About page in the Czimps Help system.

This program can be run on both a Windows 64Bit PC and on an Android portable device. The Windows version can perform all operations, but there are restrictions for the android version. These mainly involve the available Image and Video File formats, so it may be necessary to move work to the PC if you need any more exotic file type. The Android version is available from the Playstore. The Windows version is a *.zip folder, Unzip it somewhere convenient and run Czimps.exe from within it or send a shortcut to your desktop.

Because of various licence conditions I am obliged to offer you the source code for this project. This is compiled using Qt, the source set up for androud, and the privacy policy statement, is here If you wish to compile for windows you will need to change Qt to a Windows kit, the *.pro and *.pri files should detect this and link to the correct libraries. You should compile, or obtain binaries for various libraries on Windows before you build Czimps. These libraries are Image Magick, Open CV, Maxima, POV-Ray and the VTK, I built them using Visual Studio, though I admit I did it once for some then started using the precompiled versions.

Basic Concepts
Using Function Lists
Entering Text
Understanding the Parser