Privacy Policy

Czimps does not send any information to anyone by any means, this includes both images and text and binary data. Furthermore the program does not have any functionality which allows the user, intentionally or unintentionally, to send information over the internet, though it may be possible to access files over a network.

Source Code

Some components of this software are released under a GNU public licence this means that the source code, or library files, for the whole application must be made available to you so you can recompile or relink it with your own modifications. I also must give you permission to relink my code with third party code that is released under a different licence, this I do. Further hints for building Czimps can be found in the file "Build Czimps.txt" once you have unzipped the source. Czimps for Android The best way to get Qt is to visit their website and install the latest binaries from there, or download and build it from source. But to comply with the GNU LGPL Version 3.0 and other versions I provide the source code/binaries of the libraries used on this wib site. Please note You will need to set Qt up for Adroid which will involve installing the Android NDK etc. then any Qt files you wish to copy should be placed in an appropriate place in your Qt installation. Then you will need to import the QCzimps project into Qt to be compiled and linked. If you have any queeries regarding this process, or feel that I have not done enough to comply with the various licences please contact me on the email address below. If you require any part of this software that has a licence stating that it should be available on a solid medium and you require such please e-mail me for my address and post me a blank disk (cd/dvd) and include a self addressed envelope and stamps or money to cover the return postage and I will copy the relavent files and return the disk to you. Alternatively I am willing to e-mail selected files to you,