Important Notice

Anyone relying on my pictures for identification purposes should note that many of my ID's will probably be incorrect, anything with a question mark '?' is definitely suspect.   You should therefore seek confirmation of an insect's identity from another source.

If you do spot any mistakes please let me know so I can correct them for other peoples benefit.

I am an amateur collector without the resources available to professionals and those at university and so would like to apologize in advance for any errors on my part.

I have been notified from time to time of name changes for Families, Genera or Species, I am very grateful for this information.   In the majority of cases I will err on the conservative side on the grounds that the 'popular' books that most amateurs, like myself, use will not reflect these changes yet.   These newer names will be placed on the appropriate pages as synonyms so should be picked up by search engines.   I will of course correct all spelling mistakes and misidentifications so please keep sending them in.

Please enjoy looking at my pictures, I hope they will form a valuable resource to you all :-)