Building Czimps

This is work in progres, you will need a C++ compiler on your development system and Qt installing. You will then need the source for Czimps, which is included with the *.exe file in a folder called Czimps or is available from GIT, you will need to import this into Qt. You will need to alter the various hard coded paths in the *.pro file to point to the correct locations on your system, including the locations of the various Library and Header files in the packages mentioned below.

All C++ Libraries are Dynamically linked to Czimps (this avoids some licencing problems), and share system libraries. You will either need to download sources and compile or download the necessary compiled files for the packages mentioned below.

MuParser version 2.2.5

Image Magick version 7

Open CV Version 3

VTK Version 7

MathJax is a Java library which you can download or copy from the Czimps folder and place alongside your compiled Czimps.exe

POV-Ray Version 3.7 this is not a Library but an external program, you need to build a Console version of this, see the C++ file POV/console/winconsole.cpp which is a mocified version of POVs original file, this is inside the Czimps main folder. (If you leave POV out Czimps will still work)

After compileing Czimps.exe you will need to copy the necessary Libraries and support files to the same Folder as Czimps.exe along with any missing files and folders which you can copy from the binary distribution folder, these include Help and Examples ,